Regional products

In Franche-Comté and Haute-Saône, local products are very presents in our gastronomy.

Wine is an essential product in "comtoise"culture. It increased a lot during the 18th century. Vineyards were planted everywhere it could grow. At this time, Haute-Saône was the first vineyard producer in Franche-Comté with 20 000 hectares !

The territory of Haute-Saône has a good soil for cereals and orchards. In Fougerolles, you will find the Griottine, a special cherry. In Villersexel, because of the Phylloxéra disease, we do not have vineyard anymore. Now you will find cherry plums.

Honey is also very famous in Franche-Comté. The different places offer various flavours.

In a word, pastries, the ham from Luxeuil, the "cancoillotte" (cheese), the biscuits from Montbozon prove the richness of our gastronomy.


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