Pastries from Franche-Comté

Pastries and cakes from Franche-Comté are not a fine gastronomy but our grand-mothers heritage. Today you can find many recipes but before they were passed on generation by generation. A cake could be different from one place to another because our grand-mothers used to cook at rough guess.

For gourmand people, you can taste sweets from many cities and villages. For instance, you can taste the belles comtoises (Franche-Comté), the Chiquand'li (Villersexel), the boule au Pont (Pontarlier), the choucots de noisette (Baume-les-Dames), the boules de la citadelle (Besançon)... So it is sure, you will remain Franche-Comté as a sweet memory!

You will find here some recipes. You can find other ones in cookbooks.

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