The griottines from Fougerolles

Fougerolles is a famous place in Haute-Saône: you will find there two specialities: Griottine and Kirsch. Kirsch is labelled AOC, it means its name is protected.

Griottine is a cherry soaked in several liqueurs.
The cherry used to produce Griottine is called "oblachinska", it grows and is harvested only in Balkans ! The Griottine manufacturing needs several steps. First, cherries are hand-picked. Then, the same day, they are soaked in a conservative liqueur. Finally they are dipped into several liqueur baths. At the end, Griottine has an alcohol level of 15°.

Kirsch is a cherry liqueur. Cherries used to make Kirsch are called "guignes" and are from Fougerolles. About 40 000 cherry trees offer their "guignes" to the manufacturing of Kirsch, jams, syrups and other food preparation.

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Tasting ?

  • Distilleries Peureux et Devoille in Fougerolles
  • Little shops (bread and pastry shops...)
  • Supermarkets (regional products shelve)
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