The cancoillotte

The cancoillotte is one of the oldest specialities in Franche-Comté. Some pieces of writings of the 16th century mentioned it yet. It seems that it was possible to find it at the Roman time ! Before called "fromagère" (cheesemonger), it has today a significant nickname: "colle" (glue).

The cancoillotte is a yellow or creamy white runny cheese. Its preparation, milk based, is called "metton". Refined, the "metton" is melted with water, salt, butter.

You can taste it nature, with butter, garlic, yellow wine... You can taste it either hot or cold, at diner or breakfast. Moreover you can eat it every day because it is a very light cheese.

See and do :

Tasting ?

  • Supermarkets (cheeses shelve)
  • Dairy stores (home-made production)
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