The biscuits from Montbozon

The story tells that Montbozon, a little village of Haute-Saône, welcomed after Louis XVI death, a man called Guichard. He was the cook of the king, and wanted to spend his old days in the charming village. He knew a secret recipe of delicious biscuits. Only the king could eat them! It is why you can find the mention "le roi des desserts, le dessert des rois" ("the king of desserts, the kings' dessert"). Before dying, Guichard revealed his secret to the family which welcomed him. In this way, the biscuits from Montbozon were born.

The biscuits from Montbozon are slightly iced, oval and lengthened. Not many sweetened, they have the orange blossom taste and melt in mouth. You can eat them with champagne, in Charlottes, iced vacherins...

Tasting ?

  • Lanternier's biscuits factory in Montbozon
  • Bakeries
  • Grocer's shops
  • Supermarkets (regional products shelve)
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