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Haute-Saône is the anglers paradise with 3450 km of fishing courses in 1st and 2nd category and about 400ha of ponds and lakes. Haute-Saône offers a fishery reciprocity with 87 other departments (West Region fishery agreement). The river is rich in many varieties of fishes. From Melisey to Villersexel, you will fish many trouts and graylings. But downstream, you will find predatory fishes. For Pêche Mouche magazine (a fishing magazine), the Ognon river is one of the 100 best rivers in France.

There are 2 AAPPMA (fishing societies) on the Pays de Villersexel :

The Valoise AAPPMA in Senargent

It is one of the 54 fishing societies of Haute-Saône and one of the 53 societies of reciprocity. This association was founded in 1938. The Valoise AAPPMA rivers are :

  • The Scey river, from the border of Senargent to the confluence with the Rognon river (2nd category)
  • The Rognon river, from the border of Senargent to the confluence with the Scey river (2nd category)
  • The Beveuge stream (2nd category), from the border of Melecey to the border of Villargent

Scey is a river of 20.4km which born on the territory of Marvelise in Doubs, in a timbered and raining region. It casts itself in the Ognon River in Villersexel.

Every year the Valoise AAPPMA organizes a fishing day in June (see on "events" page). For any further information about the Valoise AAPPMA, visit the website

President : Mr Christian AGNUS
Contact : (00 33)3 84 20 18 23 / (00 33)6 83 63 80 78
Mail :

The Villersexel AAPPMA

This society of reciprocity offers courses in 1st and 2nd category :

  • The Ognon river (1st cat.) Les Aynans -> bridge of Longevelle, 2nd cat. to the entrance of sand quarries in Pont sur l’Ognon
  • The Scey river (2nd category)
  • The Lauzin river (2nd category)
  • Angling reserve «la Saline» from Longevelle to Gouhenans
  • Angling pond of Villersexel all year long accessible, on Wednesday, week-ends and public holidays. Fishing card compulsory.

President : Mr. Michel KRASINSKI
Contact : (00 33)6 41 69 96 24

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There are two other fishing societies on our territory. They give you the possibility to fish in private ponds such as the ponds of the wood of Senargent and the pond of Mignavillers. But you will need to buy a special card to these societies.

"Les Etangs du Bois" (the ponds of the wood) fishing society

President : Mr Noël MALCUIT
3 rue de Mignavillers
70110 Senargent-Mignafans
Contact : (00 33)3 84 20 99 06

Annual fishing cards sale (105 €) at Mr. Roger LAMBERT (treasurer) 10 rue des Tilleuls at Senargent.

La Valoise fishing society

President : Mr. Bernard MEUNIER
7 rue des Vergers
70400 Mignavillers
Contact : (00 33)3 84 20 90 19

For angling in the pond of Mignavillers, you can sit and fish. Then, during the day, the water bailiff will come and make you pay your card.

Open on weekends and bank holydays. Every day in August.

Daily card : 10 €


For further information, please visit the web site of the Haute-Saône fishing federation :


Places where you can buy a fishing card :

  • M. Christian Agnus
    10 Rue de Mignafans 70110 SENARGENT
    Tél : 03 84 20 18 23 / 06 83 63 80 78
  • Camping le Chapeau Chinois
    Rue du Chapeau Chinois 70110 VILLERSEXEL
    Tél : 03 84 63 40 60
  • Intermarché
    711 Rue du 13 Septembre 70110 VILLERSEXEL
    Tél : 03 84 63 43 44

Or on the website :

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