Churches open in Pays de Villersexel

Granges la Ville
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Athesans : Open every day

St-Servais' church of Athesans is crowned by a typical comtois bell-tower with glazed tiles which houses a bell from 1500. The church is built in 1830' neo-gothic style.

Courchaton : Open every day

St-Maria-Magdalena church of Courchaton is crowned by a typical comtois bell-tower with glazed tiles. Its gothic bell-tower-porch is from 16th century, but the rest of the church was rebuilt in the 19th century.

Esprels : Open every day

St-Vallier church of Esprels is from 18th century. Its bell-tower was restaured under Bâtiments de France supervision. It houses a beautiful « Virgin of Pity » from 1511, and a crucifix and a « St-Anne and the Virgin » statue from 17th century.

Fallon : Open every day

St-Leger church of Fallon was built in neo-classic style around 1850.

Gouhenans : Open every day

St-Etienne church of Gouhenans was built in 1650. It houses a polycrome wooden figure of the Virgin with the child.

Grammont : Open from Easter to All Saints' Day

St-Matin church of Grammont was rebuilt in 1865. It's crowned by a typical comtois bell-tower.

Granges-la-Ville: Open every day

St Peter and Paul church of Granges-la-Ville was rebuilt between 1721 and 1725. It's built in pinksandstones and crowned by a typical comtois bell-tower with glazed tiles. It houses an impressive series of 9 baroque alterpieces from 18th and 19th centuries. Free documents available at the tourist office.

La Vergenne : Open every day

St Désiré chapel, built in 1705, houses a St Martin statue from 17th century. It's also linked to St Desiré spring which is believed to have some curative properties.

Les Magny : Open every day

This small chapel of the Nativity was built in 17th century.

Longevelle : Open every day

The present Assumption bell-towerless church is from 19th century. It houses 18th century furnishings. The old church ruins from 17th century still overhang the village.

Marast : Open every day

St Maria-Magdalena priory of Marast is a very rare Romanesque building in Haute-Saône. Built around 1120, it has a cistercian simple and pure architecture. It houses several old tombs. Free documents in French, English or German are available at the tourism office or by Mathieu Gallery in Marast.

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Melecey : Open every day

St Etienne church of Melecey was built in 17th century with part of originel church stones. The bell-tower got glazed tiles. The church houses 18th century fourniture.

Pont-sur-l'Ognon : Open every day

St Peter church of Pont-sur-l'Ognon was rebuilt in 1764. The 19th century pinnacle is listed at Monuments Historiques. The church houses a polychrome wooden statue of « St Peter in Chains » from 16th century, that belonged to the original one.

Saint-Ferjeux : Open on request

St Fereol and Ferjeux church was rebuilt in 1842, except for the bell-tower that's older. This bell-tower houses a bell from 1739. Inside the church you'll find old tombs and a 17th century alterpiece that belonged to the previous church. There are statues of St Fereol and St Ferjeux, too.

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Vellechevreux : Open on request

St Germain of Auxerre church of Vellechevreux was rebuilt in 19th century except for its comtois bell-tower from 17th or 18th century. It houses a bas-relief from 18th century that figures Baptism of Christ.

Villersexel : Open every day

St Nicolas church of Villersexel was rebuilt between 1755 and 1758. It's crowned by a typical comtois bell-tower with glazed tiles from 1780. It houses a pulpit and two alterpieces from 18th century.

The church can be discovered during visits of the tourism office in the summer or on appointment for group.

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